1st Grade

1st Grade

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

IMAX Field Trip- Born to be Wild

Today we went to the IMAX to see the award winning film Born to be Wild 3D.  It follows dedicated people who help rescue orphaned baby orangutans and elephants.  Here are a few of our favorite moments in the film:

  • Mack- My favorite part was when they rescued the baby elephant
  • Samantha- When they told the tail of rescuing one of the orangutans
  • Savannah- When the orangutan poured the milk all over itself
  • Christopher- The part when the orangutan swallowed the soap
  • Reagan- When the orangutans played in the jungle gym
  • Sebastian/ Khloe- When the elephants were throwing the dirt on themselves
  • Jairo- When the orangutan was on the clothesline and fell off.
  • Yasalde- When they were on the boat and the orangutan was hiding under the blanket
  • Reiver- When the orangutan walked and burped
  • Abby- When the elephant kicked the ball and the ball looked like it was coming out to hit us!!
  • Mia- When the orangutan was in the leaves and two more fell on it
  • Tianna/ Jay- When the orangutan was rocking and fell over
Our Class Review: Born to be Wild 3D was amazing, awesome and cool!! We liked wearing the 3D glasses!  3D movies are our favorite!!

Here is a link to more information about Born to be Wild:

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  1. Great documentary! Perfect timing to watch this movie since you guys are learning about animals. ~Melinda