1st Grade

1st Grade

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We are now in Africa!

This week we made our way to the continent of Africa. We are exploring the land and the cool animals that live there. We have learned many new facts and are excited to learn about more animals that live there. Did you know the Giraffe's scientific name means "spotted camel"?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Global School Play Day- 1st Grade

We enjoyed Global School Play day... it was fun! Here are a few pictures of what we did during the day:

Braden- It was the best day ever!
Zachary-I really liked it... it was so fun!
Peyton- It was so much fun. I hope we get to do this again soon!
Abbi- It was so fun and I even got to make a fort.
Izaac V- I liked Global Play day because it was fun and I got to play with Akash's police car. I also got to play with my cars.
Rafaele- I really liked playing with other people's toys.
Kelsey- I loved Global Play day and I got to make a fort with my friends.
Nevaeh- I had fun making a tent because all of my friends were playing family and I want to do it again.
Maribel- I liked it because it was my best favorite play day ever.
Yaretzi- I loved playing twister with my friends.
Isaac B- I loved playing pokemon.
Timothy- I liked to play with the pokemon cards.
Aabha- I loved Global Play day because we had lots of fun playing twister.
Mackenzie- I like Global play day... it was so fun playing with my lobster.
 Remote control a police car
 making a fort.... can we fit??
 Starwars pinball game
 Playing with minecraft toys
Dressing up as Mario and Batman
 Mario getting ready to play a game
 Building a fort with team work
 Justin grew a mustache 
 Going inside the tent... you must have a password!
Playing twister... it's super hard!
 Drawing a city to drive on
 Giant blanket fort
We all liked taking our shoes off!

We hope our whole school enjoyed Global School Play Day! It was the best day every... I wish we could do it every day!