1st Grade

1st Grade

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Global School Play Day- 1st Grade

We enjoyed Global School Play day... it was fun! Here are a few pictures of what we did during the day:

Braden- It was the best day ever!
Zachary-I really liked it... it was so fun!
Peyton- It was so much fun. I hope we get to do this again soon!
Abbi- It was so fun and I even got to make a fort.
Izaac V- I liked Global Play day because it was fun and I got to play with Akash's police car. I also got to play with my cars.
Rafaele- I really liked playing with other people's toys.
Kelsey- I loved Global Play day and I got to make a fort with my friends.
Nevaeh- I had fun making a tent because all of my friends were playing family and I want to do it again.
Maribel- I liked it because it was my best favorite play day ever.
Yaretzi- I loved playing twister with my friends.
Isaac B- I loved playing pokemon.
Timothy- I liked to play with the pokemon cards.
Aabha- I loved Global Play day because we had lots of fun playing twister.
Mackenzie- I like Global play day... it was so fun playing with my lobster.
 Remote control a police car
 making a fort.... can we fit??
 Starwars pinball game
 Playing with minecraft toys
Dressing up as Mario and Batman
 Mario getting ready to play a game
 Building a fort with team work
 Justin grew a mustache 
 Going inside the tent... you must have a password!
Playing twister... it's super hard!
 Drawing a city to drive on
 Giant blanket fort
We all liked taking our shoes off!

We hope our whole school enjoyed Global School Play Day! It was the best day every... I wish we could do it every day!