1st Grade

1st Grade

Friday, November 13, 2015

Writer of the Week

Our first Writers of the Week! We hope you enjoy our Penguin writings!

If I was a Penguin by Peyton

If I was an Emperor Penguin by Justin

If I were a Penguin by Erik

Mentor text used: If You Were a Penguin 
GLAD pictorial & chants (Emperor Penguins)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Guest Blogger: Peyton- My AWESOME Surprise Trip to San Diego!

Over fall break I flew to San Diego. On the first day I drove to the airport and I took a plane to San Diego. We stayed at a hotel.

On Tuesday I went to the San Diego Zoo.

The first animals we saw were the koalas.

My sister got a face paint of a koala.

I saw black bears and giant pandas. I went on a bus tour and I also went on a sky tram. The zoo was so much fun.

On Wednesday I went to sea world. At sea world we saw lots of shows. We saw a seal show, a dolphin show, a killer whale show and a show with cats, dogs and other animals.

I also saw two cute white Beluga Whales.

I watched an animal helper feed penguins.

I brought three toys home. The three toys I brought home were a Beluga whale, a giant panda, and a penguin. 

It was such a AWESOME surprise that I got to go to San Diego with my family!

I hope you enjoyed my blog.
Peyton B.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hanging with the Emperor Penguins in Antarctica

We are now on our third continent and taking the plunge into Antarctica with the Emperor Penguin. We are freezing just thinking about how cold it is in Antarctica and the weather the dad penguin has to withstand... as he holds onto his baby in its egg all winter long.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Imax Born to be Wild Field Trip!

Today we had an exciting morning! We rode the bus to the Imax in Downtown Sacramento to watch Born to be Wild.
Here are a few of our favorite things from the movie:
-Nev/ Zachary- "It was fun to wear the glasses!"
-Timothy-"It was cool because what ever they do came close to you!"
-Aabha- "I liked it when he elephants put mud on their backs."
-Isaac B- "I liked it when the elephants were playing soccer."
-Akash- "I liked the whole movie!"
-Erik- "I liked the big screen."
-Maribel- "I liked the part when the elephant was running."
-Justin- "My favorite part was when the orangutan was swinging and he made the tree fall down."
-Sydnee- "I liked the part when the orangutan was taking the spaghetti off of the girl's plate."
-Izaac V.- "I liked the part when the orangutan had the fat cheeks."
-Anshika- "My favorite part was when the orangutan was drinking milk and he spilled it all over him."
Mackenzie- "My favorite part was when the person was climbing like the orangutans."
Rafaele- "My favorite part was where the orangutan was swinging in slow motion."
Abbi- "I liked when the orangutan was washing himself."
Alisha- "My favorite part was when the elephant was drinking milk."