1st Grade

1st Grade

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Guest Blogger: Peyton- My AWESOME Surprise Trip to San Diego!

Over fall break I flew to San Diego. On the first day I drove to the airport and I took a plane to San Diego. We stayed at a hotel.

On Tuesday I went to the San Diego Zoo.

The first animals we saw were the koalas.

My sister got a face paint of a koala.

I saw black bears and giant pandas. I went on a bus tour and I also went on a sky tram. The zoo was so much fun.

On Wednesday I went to sea world. At sea world we saw lots of shows. We saw a seal show, a dolphin show, a killer whale show and a show with cats, dogs and other animals.

I also saw two cute white Beluga Whales.

I watched an animal helper feed penguins.

I brought three toys home. The three toys I brought home were a Beluga whale, a giant panda, and a penguin. 

It was such a AWESOME surprise that I got to go to San Diego with my family!

I hope you enjoyed my blog.
Peyton B.

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