1st Grade

1st Grade

Friday, March 20, 2015

Compare & Contrast Cape Flat Lizard & Chameleon

Over the last two weeks, we have been learning about the cape flat lizard and chameleon.  We have seen many similarities and differences between the two reptiles.  From this information in our pictorial, we created a class paragraph comparing the two reptiles and using our charts (pictorial, sentence patterning and venn diagram).  We hope you enjoy reading our class paragraph!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Guest Blogger: Savannah


This is my dog named Jax.

He is very playful and he loves to eat your food if you drop it on the floor.  When we got Jax he was as cute as a piece of popcorn!  HA HA! He is still very crazy like a buffalo!  I already know how old Jax is.  He is only three.  He was one when I was five.  One thing that is funny about Jax is that he loves to lay in your bed; also he loves to lick you in the face.



I have another dog named Dharma.  Dharma is very old and whenever you stare at her she thinks that you are going to give her your food.  I think Dharma can not make it through the year because Dharma is 14 years old and her hips hurt her really bad when she tries to walk.  One thing that is funny about Dharma is that if you bark at her she will copy you.  Another thing that is funny about Dharma is that she burps so much.

Well, I think that I should stop typing for now but don't forget always take care of your pets! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Guest Blogger Elena

My eyelash crested gecko changes colors. You will know if he's scared because he will be very dark black and yellow. This is called "fired up." When he is calm, he is grey and yellow. When he is super happy he is dark black and yellow.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cat in the Hat

Would you like the Cat in the Hat to come to your house?

~Our class results are: 15 YES -- 9 no!

Read Around America with Dr. Seuss

This week we have been doing all things Dr. Seuss.  Here are a few picture!

Student Read Aloud:

Drawing Dr. Seuss Characters:

One fish... two fish craft

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Guest Blogger: Reagan

I love my animals. My dogs are Mabel and Gus. They are so cute. Mabel is little. She is white. She likes to dig holes by the fence. Mabel is two years old. She is a miniature schnauzer. Gus is big. He is brown and white. He is active. Gus is 8 years old. Shyla is a red eared slider turtle. Sometimes she likes to stand on her giant rock. She is 3 years old. I have a cat. She is 4. The neighborhood calls her Rainbow Kitty but her name is actually Lucy. I really love my animals. They are perfect. 

Guest Blogger: Samantha La

Title - I'm Dogsitting a Dog Named Copper

This is Copper. My sister Baylee is hugging Copper (picture above). Me and my sisters are dogsitting Copper. He is a chihuahua. I think Copper is 15 pounds. Copper is a boy. Copper sometimes makes the sound hmmm. Copper is brown but the type of brown that is copper brown. That's why his name is Copper. Copper can jump. When we open the garage door sometimes he runs to play outside. He is very soft. He is a very quiet dog. The only time he isn't is when other dogs are around. Our friend is letting us HAVE HIM!!! But my mom and dad said that they don't think we are ready to have a dog of our own.  Now, I wanna ask you something. Do you have a dog? Is he or she feisty? Copper is not.The end!!!

Guest Blogger- Timothy Yee

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

2015 is the year of the Sheep/Ram/Goat!
Look at all the fun stuff!!!!!

We had fun making plum blossom art.

Look at this blossom tree!
DSC_2474.JPGDSC_2475.JPG DSC_2476.JPGDSC_2479.JPGDSC_2482.JPG


Guest Blogger- Khloe Trinh

Hi my name is Khloe!

Today I want to tell you how my brother got his name. My brother name is Cornelius because my parents found a street name and so my parents got the name. Also there was a person name Cornelius and he was a famous person. So after that my mom and dad decided to name my brother Cornelius. That's how my brother got his name!  Thank You For Reading my Blog!!!!