1st Grade

1st Grade

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Guest Blogger: Savannah


This is my dog named Jax.

He is very playful and he loves to eat your food if you drop it on the floor.  When we got Jax he was as cute as a piece of popcorn!  HA HA! He is still very crazy like a buffalo!  I already know how old Jax is.  He is only three.  He was one when I was five.  One thing that is funny about Jax is that he loves to lay in your bed; also he loves to lick you in the face.



I have another dog named Dharma.  Dharma is very old and whenever you stare at her she thinks that you are going to give her your food.  I think Dharma can not make it through the year because Dharma is 14 years old and her hips hurt her really bad when she tries to walk.  One thing that is funny about Dharma is that if you bark at her she will copy you.  Another thing that is funny about Dharma is that she burps so much.

Well, I think that I should stop typing for now but don't forget always take care of your pets! 

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  1. Savannah is Dharma shedding out of control right now? I am finding clumps of Kohana's (my husky) fur all over the house. I just pulled a chunk of the couch. Does Dharma like to sleep on the couch or under tables? That is a husky thing and Kohana loves to do both. The couch and any people bed he can find are his favorite.