1st Grade

1st Grade

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Guest Blogger Elena

My eyelash crested gecko changes colors. You will know if he's scared because he will be very dark black and yellow. This is called "fired up." When he is calm, he is grey and yellow. When he is super happy he is dark black and yellow.


  1. Elena,

    What do you do when he is'fired up'? What kind of things for he do?

    How long have you had him? You must have a lot of trust to place him onto your face.

    Have you named him yet?

  2. Elena,
    Your gecko reminds me of our chameleon we are learning. What made you decide to get an eyelash crested gecko? Is there something special about it? I love your pictures and how brave you are to have the gecko on your face :)
    Mrs. Kahler

  3. Elena,

    Wow, those are very cool pictures!

  4. great job elena!


  5. Wow!! That's cool!! You really like animals.