1st Grade

1st Grade

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Guest Blogger: Reagan

I love my animals. My dogs are Mabel and Gus. They are so cute. Mabel is little. She is white. She likes to dig holes by the fence. Mabel is two years old. She is a miniature schnauzer. Gus is big. He is brown and white. He is active. Gus is 8 years old. Shyla is a red eared slider turtle. Sometimes she likes to stand on her giant rock. She is 3 years old. I have a cat. She is 4. The neighborhood calls her Rainbow Kitty but her name is actually Lucy. I really love my animals. They are perfect. 


  1. Dear Reagan,
    Awesome blog post! It was so fun to read about your pets. Did you know that I have a red eared slider, too? His name is George. I bet you've seen him. :) Mabel and Gus are both cute and they are so different. I have two dogs just like you, but their names are Lola and Carter. Your teacher, Mrs. Kahler, has dogs too! Has she told you about them? What do you like to do with your pets?
    Miss Kloczko

  2. Reagan,
    Gus looks like a big version of my Daisy. Why do your neighbors call your cat rainbow kitty? Great blog post! I love animals too!
    Mrs. Kahler