1st Grade

1st Grade

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My Soccer Team by Isaac B.

​My soccer team's name is Power Blast. I have been playing on this team for three years. It is fun to play soccer because you get so tired out while you dribble the ball. You also get to play other teams. Also it's fun because it is a big field to run in. This year we're using a bigger field and have goalies because we are older. So it tires us out even more than last year.  It is really fun when I get to play goalie because I like to do drop kicks with the ball.

​I also have played indoor soccer with my same team. Indoor soccer is different because the ball doesn't go out so much it just bounces back in. Also, the indoor games are shorter time than the outside games like 20 minutes only. My teammates and I even had fun kicking the soccer ball while we waited for our turn to be back in the game (on the side team box). Some of my teammates' names are Lucas, Ryan, Anthony, and Brandon. I hope my team has a great season!

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  1. Isaac it looks like you have a great time playing soccer. Is goalie your favorite position to play indoors too?
    Sincerely, Mrs. Kahler