1st Grade

1st Grade

Friday, March 11, 2016

Old Sacramento Field Trip

Aabha: I thought it was really cool to go there again and there was more stuff to do there! I really liked the trains that were connected. They were really cool!
Rafaele: I really liked the museum of trains. My favorite part was riding the train.
Zachary: I liked the train museum. It was amazing and I really liked the train too!
Erik: I liked the trains in the museum!
Nevaeh: I liked when we were eating lunch and going to the old school.
Mahit: I liked Old Sacramento and my favorite part was going on the playground.
Timothy: My Favorite part was when we ate lunch and when we got to be in the train.
Sydnee: I liked when we saw the old school house. I also liked the train museum and all the trains.
Abbi: I liked going to the old school because we got to do reading with the old books. And we got to experience how it was in the old days.
Yaretzi: I liked when we went into the train and the old school house.
Mackenzie: I liked the train ride because I saw waterfowls.
Justin: I liked when we went to the old school house because we got to see how it looked in the old days. The train museum was awesome because you got to go in them and experience what they looked like. I really liked the circuits.
Izaac V: I liked when we were on the train and when we were eating lunch. And I liked going to the train museum and playing with the circuits.

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